Vision and Values

Waterloo Primary Academy is more than just a school, it is a family where everyone belongs, everyone is known, everyone is loved and everyone is celebrated. It is a place where we learn grow and flourish together. As a family, it is our mission to ensure that all of the children who attend Waterloo feel valued and safe and are helped to achieve beyond what they think is possible.

We value excellence in all we do. Our children learn through a curriculum which challenges and inspires them and they are championed by an amazing staff team, who are determined to help them achieve amazing things.

Children should leave our school with a positive outlook, looking forward to their future. They should be confident in their own abilities and full of aspiration, not afraid to fail and learn from failure and driven by a kind attitude. They should know how to make good choices, value the opinions of others and know how to keep themselves healthy and safe. They should be able to handle themselves well in different social situations, own their opinions and not just inherit them and experience visiting places and meeting people from all different walks of life.

Alongside the academic excellence we aim to achieve for all, we aim to instil in our children, the values they need to succeed in life beyond Waterloo and make them good citizens of the world. Our core values are at the heart of all we do.

Our Core Values

Waterloo’s core values are at the heart of all we do.

Our values underpin the whole school behaviour policy as well as the staff code of conduct and other policies.  Our values are integral to daily life at Waterloo Primary Academy and form part of our ‘moral compass’.  Our values are displayed in each class and throughout school.

Pride, Endeavour, Equality, and Respect are our core values and we expect all members of our school community to express these outwardly in their actions.

Collective Worship at Waterloo Primary Academy

In accordance with DfE legislation, all schools must hold a daily act of collective worship that must be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character. ‘  The majority of collective worship across the term should have a Christian character, but not every act of worship must.

Each Monday, we hold an act of Collective Worship which takes place in the ‘old hall’ (KS1) or the sports hall (KS2).  Friday’s collective worship is different.  We celebrate achievements (academic and non), as well as award our Headteacher’s Award, a ‘Writer of the Week’ award and our special ‘Pathway’ awards.  House Point totals are also revealed in this special time.

As well as teaching about the Christian calendar, we also celebrate other faiths and cultures at various points throughout the year.  We embed our school values into our acts of worship, as well as teaching British Values.  We are really proud of our acts of worship.  Our staff love to lead them and our children love to learn from them.

A particular highlight are our Class Worship times. During these times, we catch a glimpse of the amazing learning that is taking place right across school. The children share their work proudly, while the rest of school celebrate their achievements.

On Mondays and Fridays, collective worships are led by members of the school’s senior leadership team, or occasionally by our Heads of Year or other staff members.

Welcome to Waterloo Primary Academy

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