Our Staff (2023-2024)

Here is a list of the staff and their roles and responsibilities (as of September 2023):

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Brown Head of School / DSL

Mr D Woodcock Deputy Headteacher / DSL
Miss K Huson Assistant Headteacher / DSL

Mrs N Lea School Business Manager (HR) / Chief Operations Officer (COO Zest Academy Trust)
Miss K Salisbury School Business Manager (Finance) / Chief Finance Officer (CFO Zest Academy Trust)

Associate members of SLT:
Miss W Gold SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator)

Teachers & Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)

Miss K Huson is the Head of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
EYFS Nursery (Year N):
Mrs S Metcalf Nursery Manager / teacher

Nursery LSAs:
Mrs R Wilson, Miss S Threlfall, Mrs K Smith

EYFS Reception (Year R):
Miss M Broughton (Willow) Reception teacher
Mrs S Hornby (Willow) Reception teacher
Miss O Grayson (Oak) Reception teacher
Miss S Keshavarz (Cherry) Reception teacher

Reception LSAs:
Miss H Conway, Miss S Grimshaw, Miss E Fineman, Mrs L Lee, Ms A Hatjoullis

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)
Mrs S Casey (Y1SC) Year 1 teacher
Mrs C Hacker (Y1CH) Year 1 teacher
Mrs V Woodcock (Y1VW) Year 1 teacher

Mr M Brown (Y2MBr) Head of Key Stage One / Year 2 teacher
Mrs A Harwood (Y2AH) Year 2 teacher
Mrs C Kirkham (Y2CK) Year 2 teacher

Key Stage 1 LSAs:
Miss S Brent, Mrs C Hanson, Mrs Z Homer, Miss B Kilby, Mrs H McAdam, Miss D Henderson, Miss P Mellon,
Mrs N Preece, Mrs N Redburn

Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)
Mrs S Truelove (Y3ST) Head of Year 3 / Year 3 teacher
Mr T Partington (Y3TP) Year 3 teacher
Mrs K Robinshaw (Y3KR) Year 3 teacher/Maths Lead

Mrs B Cropper (Y4BC) Head of Year 4 / Year 4 teacher
Mr D Bitsakaki (Y4DB) Year 4 teacher
Miss J Whitby (Y4JW) Year 4 teacher

Lower Key Stage 2 LSAs:
Mr L Barlow, Mrs L Barlow, Mrs H Bootle, Mrs A Hughes, Ms K Miksza, Mrs E Reynolds, Mrs S Shah,
Mrs J White

Upper Key Stage 2 (UKS2 – Years 5 & 6)
Mrs N Cowling (Y5NC) Year 5 teacher
Mr R Jordan (Y5RJ) Year 5 teacher
Mr J Robertson (Y5JR) Year 5 teacher

Miss L Bradley (Y6LB) Head of Upper Key Stage Two / Year 6 teacher
Mrs C Harrop (Y6CHa) Year 6 teacher
Mr T Dodgson (Y6TD) Year 6 teacher / Head of KS2 English

Upper Key Stage 2 LSAs
Miss E Brookes, Miss M Burrows, Mrs S Clark, Miss I Fletcher, Mrs L Doyle, Mrs K Lillico, Mrs L Tomlinson

Additional teaching staff
Mr M Brent-Reid, Mrs J Brown, Miss W Gold, Miss K Huson, Miss P Kyne, Mr D Woodcock

Specialist support staff
Mrs A Kilby Speech, Language & Communication
Mrs K Lippiatt Learning Support (Non-routine admissions, EAL)
Ms T Thompson SEND Practitioner

Pastoral team

Mrs C Courtney Pastoral Manager
Mrs S Doherty Family Support Worker
Mrs L Wainwright Family Support Worker
Mrs M Sandford Behaviour Keyworker

School Finance, Administration & ICT support

Mrs N Lea School Business Manager (HR) / Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Miss K Salisbury School Business Manager (Finance) / Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Mr L Warren ICT & Network Manager

Mrs G O’Connell HR Officer
Miss A Grace Office Manager
Mrs J Hart Admin Officer
Mrs G Sangster Admin Officer
Mrs R Clacher Admin Assistant

School Catering & Lunchtime Welfare team

Catering Team:
Mrs L Colley Catering Manager

Catering Assistants:
Miss M Aspinall, Mrs A Moore, Miss A Taylor, Mrs A Smales, Miss S Evans

Lunchtime Welfare:

Premises team

Mr P Johnson Site Manager
Mrs N Sutcliffe Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs A Moore, Mrs K Derbyshire, Mrs C Bainbridge,  Miss S Evans

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