Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

You will find information below on how children with a disability or Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities are supported at Waterloo Primary Academy.

Key Information

Our SENDCo is Miss Wendy Gold.  She manages a team of inclusion support staff.
Below you will find several links.

The first is a link to Blackpool’s area-wide Local Offer. Below this, you will find Waterloo Primary Academy’s Information Report and Local Offer as well as the SEND and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policies.

Our SENDCo is Miss Wendy Gold

You can contact Waterloo Primary Academy on 01253 315370 if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to visit our school.

At Waterloo Primary Academy, our teachers will assess your child regularly in reading, writing and mathematics as part of our whole school assessment cycle. From these assessments teachers attend Pupil Progress Meetings with the school’s Senior Leaders; during this meeting your child’s progress will be discussed.  If your child is not making as much progress as expected then intervention or catch up’ programmes will be discussed and put into place. It may be appropriate for school to seek the advice of outside agencies. If this is the case then you will be contacted so that we can explain our concerns and ask for your consent to proceed.

There may be other times throughout the year when a teacher may express a concern about your child. If this is the case you will be invited into school to discuss a plan of action.

Children with SEND who transfer into Waterloo Primary Academy at times other than the start of the school year are assessed upon arrival. Our SENDCo will liaise with your child’s previous school to fully understand your child’s needs and the level of support they require.

For further information refer to our SEND policy and/or our Inclusion Policy.

At Waterloo we have high expectations of all our pupils, recognising all achievement and providing an inclusive-learning environment that meets the needs of all children, enabling them to reach their true potential.

Assessment of your child’s learning is important. This allows our teachers to teach your child according to their individual needs. Our teachers use a range of teaching styles and resources to support your child’s learning and development.

Clear learning objectives are identified for our pupils and our marking policy celebrates children’s successes and identifies the next steps in their learning.

There may be times when your child is taught elements of English (such as reading, writing, spellings or phonics) and/or mathematics in a small group with an adult who specialises in working with SEND children.

We aim to ensure that your child will have access to a full broad, balanced and rich curriculum. Our senior leadership team, Heads of Year/Phase and curriculum leaders ensure that all teaching staff are consistent in following our teaching and learning policies and the provision for all pupils is equitable.

The SENDCo will be available throughout the year if you have any concerns about the progress your child is making.

Waterloo Primary Academy has close links with all our ‘feeder’ nurseries and high schools. The SENDCo (along with Nursery, Reception and Year 6 staff) will communicate with the relevant settings to ensure an effective transition, prior to your child starting or leaving Waterloo.  This will help to ensure any identified provisions are put in place.  Our local secondary schools will make arrangements to see the children before they transfer and all our children visit their new school during their last term with us. Any children with Special Educational Needs, Disabilities or medical conditions, are offered the opportunity to make additional visits.

At Waterloo Primary Academy we employ and engage with a range of additional services such as:

Speech and Language Therapists
School Nurse
Educational Psychologist: Jen Waite (Waite Psychology Ltd.)
Pastoral Manager and Family Support Workers (accessed via ‘The Haven’)
Pupil Welfare Officer (courtesy of Blackpool Local Authority)
We also access other specialist services as required (such as occupational therapy).

If you need to contact any additional SEND services then please speak to the SENDCo who will give you information on the relevant service.  You can contact our SENDCo, Wendy Gold on 01253 315370

At Waterloo Primary Academy we strive to ensure that all children are able to access the facilities available.

For further information refer to our Accessibility Policy.

If you wish to make a complaint, the Academy’s complaints procedure should be requested from the school office.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, if there’s something you would like to ask, please contact us, we’re always happy to talk!