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Year 6

Autumn 1

World War 2

Leaders, shelters, make do and mend, propaganda, rationing, museums, evacuees, vehicles... Your children will become WW2 experts!

Autumn 2

Let’s Animate!

Children write and create short animated films on the topic of sustainability.

Spring 1

Force of Nature

Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, volcanos…The world can be a dangerous place.

Spring 2

The Middle Ages

With a visit to Lancaster castle (with its own gruesome history), we learn about life, the law, weapons, religion and even make our own catapults!

Summer 1

Waterloo World

We design and build our own theme park. We look at design, marketing, persuasive writing and even try to squeeze in a visit to The Pleasure Beach!

Summer 2

Pop Culture since WW2

Building on our WW2 topic, we study famous people, music, films, art, toys and news from the decades. Cool Cat, cool!


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