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Waterloo Primary Academy has a uniform which is worn by all children. We request your co-operation in making sure that your child comes to school in full uniform.

Autumn and Spring Term Uniform

  • Black trousers/navy blue skirt/navy blue pinafore dress/blue tights
  • White shirt
  • Waterloo Cardigan or jumper
  • Waterloo tie
  • Smart black shoes (flat)
  • Small gold or silver stud earrings

Summer Uniform

  • Black trousers or trouser shorts
  • White polo shirt/blue gingham dress with white socks
  • Waterloo cardigan or jumper
  • Smart black shoes (flat)
  • Small gold or silver stud earrings


Sports Uniform

  • Waterloo Tracksuit
  • Waterloo Sports t-shirt and shorts
  • Trainers
  • No earrings please

Hair styles

  • No extreme hairstyles please (Mohawks, tramlines etc) Hair should be tied back for P.E.


  • No jewellery may be worn in school except for one pair of stud earrings and a sensible watch.
  • The earrings and the watch must be removed for all physical activities. Newly pierced may be taped for the first 6 weeks until they heal.  The school cannot supply the tape nor will school staff be expected to apply it.
  • From 2012 we have introduced a new sports uniform that KS2 children can wear for the day, when they have PE timetabled.


  • Children going swimming will be told by the swimming instructors about suitable costumes. Bermuda/fashion shorts are unacceptable. Long hair needs to be covered by a cap. Permission must be gained by the pool before a child can wear goggles.