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  • Attendance

    • DSC 0075 Shakespeare

      Regular and punctual attendance is vitally important for raising achievement and developing the potential of our pupils. Home and school must work together to ensure the children feel safe and secure about coming to school.

      How you can help us:

      Try to make medical appointments after school or in the holidays whenever possible

      Support the school’s Attendance Policy and guidance

      Make sure your child has what they need for school each day

      Telephone school as soon as possible to let us know that your child is ill

      Bring them and collect them on time each day


      Even if your child has 100% attendance they are still only at school for a quarter of the time that they are awake!

      • 90% attendance is equal to half a day missed EVERY week
      • 90% attendance in a school year is equal to 4 weeks of missed lessons
      • 90% attendance over 6 school years is equal to almost two thirds of a school year missed.


      If your child achieves 100% for a month their name is placed in a draw and they could win a prize.

      If your child has 100% throughout the year they will be invited to attend a party at Blackpool Football Club.

      The infant class with the best weekly attendance receives a certificate.

      The junior class with the best weekly attendance has a cup which they keep for a week.


      Whole school attendance is monitored through data and register audits. Pupils who have regular absences, without appropriate evidence, may be referred to an attendance initiative supported by The Pupil Welfare Service

        • Casework support involving visits to the family home working alongside the law regarding school attendance

        • Fast Track to Better Outcomes is a letter based initiative reviewing school attendance regularly requesting parental contact should you wish to discuss your child’s circumstances

        • Penalty Notices for unauthorised absences, including persistent late arrival into school. This involves an opportunity for improvement with an identified 15 day warning period where no unauthorised absences or late arrival into school should be noted

    • Requests for leave during term time are not authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances which the Head Teacher will consider.

        • Penalty Notices will therefore be issued if unauthorised leave is taken. This is in relation to more than five days holiday
    • Parents/carers have a duty under Section 444(1) of the 1996 Education Act to ensure the regular school attendance of a child of compulsory school age. Failure to do so may result in legal action. Please be advised that this legislation will be implemented should attendance fail to improve