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  • SEND Offer

  • You will find information below on how children with a disability or Special Educational Needs are supported at Waterloo Primary Academy.



      • 1. Our SENDCo is Mrs Morag Waring

        You can contact Waterloo Academy on 01253 315370 if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to visit our school.

        2. At Waterloo Academy our teachers will assess your child regularly in reading, writing and mathematics as part of our whole school assessment cycle. From these assessments teachers attend Pupil Progress meetings with a Senior Leader in school; during this meeting your child’s progress will be discussed. If your child is not making as much progress as expected then intervention or catch up’ programmes will be discussed and put into place. It may be appropriate for school to seek the advice of outside agencies. If this is the case then you will be contacted so that we can explain our concerns and ask for your consent to proceed.

        There may be other times throughout the year when a teacher may express a concern about your child. If this is the case you will be invited into school to discuss a plan of action.

        Children with SEND who transfer into Waterloo Academy at times other than the start of the school year are assessed upon arrival. Our SENCo will liaise with your child’s previous school to fully understand your child’s needs and the level of support they require.

        For further information refer to our SEND policy and/or our Inclusion Policy.

        3. At Waterloo Academy we have high expectations for all, recognising all achievement, and providing an inclusive-learning environment that meets the needs of all children, enabling them to reach their true potential.

        Assessment of your child’s learning is important. This allows our teachers to teach your child according to their individual needs. Our teachers use a range of teaching styles and resources to support your child’s learning and development.

        Clear learning objectives are identified for individual children and our marking policy celebrates children’s successes and identifies the next steps in their learning.

        There may be times when your child is taught Literacy and/or Numeracy in a small group with an adult who specialises in working with SEND children.

        We aim to ensure that your child will have access to a full and balanced curriculum. Our Senior Leadership Team, Year Leaders and Subject Leaders ensure that teaching observations are carried out and that all teaching staff are consistent in following our Teaching and Learning policy.

        For further information refer to our Teaching and Learning policy. 

        4. At Waterloo Academy your child will be set individual targets. These targets will be assessed regularly by the staff who work with your child. Every term each Year group has Pupil Progress Meetings with the Senior Management team where your child’s progress is discussed. Any children that require additional support are identified in this meeting.

        The SENDCo will be available throughout the year if you have any concerns about the progress your child is making.

        5. Waterloo Academy has close links with all our feeder nurseries. The SENCo will visit nurseries for transition meetings prior to your child starting at Waterloo to ensure any identified provisions are put in place.

        Parents/Carers of new Reception children are invited to visit Waterloo to meet new teachers and to discuss any concerns that you may have. Additional visits can be arranged if needed.

        We liaise with our local Secondary Schools to ensure that the transition between Primary and Secondary School is a success. Our local Secondary Schools make arrangements to see the children before they transfer and all our children visit their new school during their last term with us. Any children with Special Educational Needs, Disabilities or Medical Conditions, are offered the opportunity to make additional visits.

        6. At Waterloo Academy we employ a range of additional services:

        • Speech and Language Therapist (Sarah Alderman) 3 days a week
        • School nurse – Helen Beckett
        • Educational Psychologist – Phil Pickett 1/2 a day a week
        • Family Support Worker (Full time) – Sally Jowett
        • Educational and Welfare Officer (Full time) Alexa Alderson
        • School Councillor - 1 day a week 

        We also access other services as required.

        7. If you need to contact any additional SEND services then please speak to the SENCo who will give you information on the relevant service.

        You can contact our SENDCo on 01253 315370

        8. At Waterloo Academy each term children are assessed using both formal and teacher assessments and your child’s progress is measured. The results are recorded on the school tracking system and discussed in Pupil Progress Meetings.

        If there are any concerns regarding your child’s progress you will be informed immediately and if necessary an agreed package of support will be put into place.

        The Inclusion Manager (Cara Vaughan) ensures that all staff have up to date training and are monitored throughout the school year through their Performance Management meetings.

        9. At Waterloo Academy we strive to ensure that all children are able to access the facilities available.

        For further information refer to our Accessibility Policy. 

        10. At Waterloo Academy all our Learning support Assistants (LSA’s) are Level 3 and receive regular training to ensure they are kept up to date with new practices in SEND. Each LSA works within a specified year group.

        Each team is led by a highly trained professional who monitors the interventions within their team. This ensures that all children with SEND receive appropriate interventions suited to their individual needs and that their progress is monitored.

        We also have a Family Support Worker (Sally Jowett) and an Educational Welfare Officer (Alexa Alderson) who are available to offer you support if you need it.

        11. Waterloo Academy offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunchtime and after school activities.

        All staff involved in the delivery of these sessions are made aware, where appropriate, of any children who have SEND. Additional staff provide 1:1 support at lunchtime, swimming and off-site trips where necessary. Risk assessments are written to measure any potential dangers. Registers are kept for all the extra-curricular activities and it is expected that that from Y2 all children will attend at least 1 after school session a week. Parents are regularly informed about various clubs and activities for pupils with SEND within the community.

        At Waterloo Academy we also employ a full-time Outdoor Education teacher (Graham Little) and we have 2 minibuses. This ensures that every child has regular access to a wide range of outdoor activities. There will also be the opportunity for residential trips.

        For information about the type of outdoor provision that is provided please click on the link below. 

        12. If you wish to make a complaint then in the first instance please contact Mr Mark Gray (Principal) on 01253 315370 or submit your complaint to Mr Gray in writing via the school.

        For further information refer to our Complaints Policy. 

        13. Visit the website below for the area wide local offer.