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  • Academy Staff

      • Senior Leadership Team
        Mr M Hamblett- Principal \ CEO
        Mrs C Vaughan - Deputy Principal
        Mr D Woodcock - Deputy Principal
        Mrs S Cardwell - Business and Finance Director
        Teaching Staff                          Non-Teaching Staff Office Staff
        Miss F Aspin Mrs A Alderson - Safeguarding Manager Mrs N Lea - HR Manager
        Mrs S Hornby Mrs L Gray - CWAN Manager Mr L Warren - ICT Manager
        Miss M Broughton Mrs A Kilby - Communications Manager   Mrs E Johnson - PA
        Mr M Brown Mrs S Jowett - Family Support Worker Miss K Salisbury - HR & Finance Officer
        Mrs S Casey Mr G Little - Outdoor Education  Miss J Mellon – Admin Officer
        Miss J Coupe Mr R Jordan - Sports Coach Mrs L Mustin - Admin Officer
        Miss A Craigen Mr O Perkins - Sports Coach
        Mrs B Cropper Mr D Dillingham - Sports Coach
        Mrs S Easter Mr W Powell - Sports Coach
        Mr R Fox Catering Staff
        Miss W Gold Support Staff Mrs S Ellis
        Mrs C Hacker   Mrs S Hunt
        Miss S Harper Miss H Conway Mrs T Thornton
        Mrs S Harris Mrs T Thompson Mrs L Coomer
        Mrs M Waring (SENCO) Mrs N Redburn Mrs L Colley
        Mrs M Henry Mrs J White Mrs S Bryan
        Miss K Huson Mrs H Collett  Mrs A Openshaw
        Mrs C Kirkham Mrs S Clark Mrs M Kershaw
        Miss K Mulroy
        Mr N Randall
        Miss K Gray Mrs K Lillico Extended Schools Staff
        Miss R Wynn Mrs J White Mrs M Burrows
        Mrs S Metcalf Mrs K Lipiatt

        Mrs J White

        Mrs C Harrop Mrs D Haywood Mrs H McAdam
        Mrs K Robinshaw Mrs L Tomlinson Miss S Cardwell
        Mrs A Spencer Mrs B Scott Miss J Mellon
        Miss L Bradley Miss P Mellon Mrs P Mellon
        Mrs V Woodcock Miss S Cardwell Mrs N Redburn
        Miss J Whitby Mrs S Shah Mrs S Grimshaw
        Mrs N White Miss J Piggot
        Mr R Mellor-Clark Mr A Dodgson
        Mrs L Barlow
        Mrs N Cowling
        Mrs S Grimshaw
        Premises Staff
        Mrs A Hughes
        Mr P Johnson - Site Supervisor Mrs H McAdam
        N Sutcliffe - Cleaning Supervisor Mrs M Burrows
        Mrs M Gradwell
        Mrs R Wilson 
        Mrs J Smith Mrs J Johnston
        Mrs P Tuftnell

        Mrs D Henderson